Choosing a Shave Ice or Snow Cone Machine?

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If you’re hosting a party or a get together, one of the things that you just cannot miss out on is snow. You might not feel the need of it, but that is what most people would need. Whether it be ice on their drinks or just playing around – you would do yourself a whole world of good by getting yourself a snow cone machine.

But how do you know which one is right for you?

Choosing a Shave Ice or Snow Cone Machine?

Be it a family get together or a large picnic, serving icy delights like ice candies, ice cones always makes things cool! It is fun to buy those syrup filled ice cones on a hot summer day from the roadside shop. Many people want to make such cold treats at their home and maybe you are also thinking of setting up a business.

Snow Cone or Shave Ice Machine?

In order to get what you need, we will discuss about shaved ice machine and snow cones machines in detail. You will know what to choose after you read our guide completely. The main difference between the two is the nature of ice or snow they produce.

Snow Cone Machines

Snow cone machines use regular cubes of ice to produce snow. They can be seen in ballparks, carnivals and around the streets selling ice cone in a cup. The ice is topped with syrup though most of it accumulates at the bottom of the cup. The ice produced is generally

l Crunchy and hard in nature

l In different shapes which do not stick together

l Unable to retain syrups or other liquids

l Does not melt quickly

l Served in a cup or cone

Shave Ice Machines

You would need to see how much ice the snow ice machine can produce. This also leads to the different costs that you might have to pay for the snow ice machine. Look at the credibility of the brand and check out the online reviews, as they would tell you more about experiences of other users who have bought the same product.

Plus, it would also help you to buy the right snow cone machine in your budget. These types of shavers utilize normal ice cubes or ice blocks to create snow. The ice made by the machine is of fine nature and

l Sticks together like a snow ball

l Retains syrups or liquids in them

l Melts quicker than snow cones

l It is lighter and fluffy than snow cones

l Have to be eaten with spoon

Types of Machines

You can buy a manual shave ice machine which only needs physical power to operate. There are electric ice shavers and also professional grade machines that generate 500 pounds of ice per hour. There are both household and commercial snow cone machines that can be used for business.

Buy yourself a snow cone machine that you need, and that next household party would be the best thing that you’ve ever been in.