10 Safety Tips for Baby Strollers

baby stroller

Once you’ve decided on the perfect stroller for your baby, the next step is to strap in your child and start using your new baby carriage. However, getting the hang of it may take some getting used to. As such, the following 10 safety tips for baby strollers will be useful. If you are looking for the best double stroller reviews, you can always check out urbanbabygear.

#1. Use The Safety Straps All The Time

Your stroller will come with safety harness straps, which are fittedbaby stroller into all baby carriages as a standard

precaution. These help protect the child in case the stroller is pushed over rough terrain, tipped over, or

run through a steep lane. They also prevent the baby from climbing out of the carriage seat when

unattended to. Therefore, you should use the safety straps at all times, regardless of your child’s age.

#2. Use the wheel brakes whenever necessary

Make sure the wheel brakes are activated when the baby stroller is stationary. It can be very easy for the

stroller to roll away, even on what may look like level ground. If possible, go for a stroller with a brake

system that locks the wheel into place, as opposed to those that stop the wheels using pressure.

#3. Avoid overloading the stroller

Resist the temptation of loading your baby’s stroller with bags and other items when on a shopping trip.

Overloading the baby buggy can be very dangerous. It can damage the wheels, overwhelm the brake

mechanism, or cause the whole system to tip over.

#4. Inspect the frame locking device frequently

The frame locking device prevents the stroller from breaking up whenbaby stroller in use. Some are even designed with

a backup locking mechanism to offer additional safety. Given its importance, it is advisable to check the

frame locking mechanism on a regular basis for any broken parts or general wear and tear.

#5. DO NOT Leave Your Child Unattended

As tempting as it can be, you should NEVER leave your baby in a stroller unattended to, even when he/she

is sleeping. If the child falls asleep in the pram, you are better off transferring him/her to a bed. Kids can

hurt themselves in all sorts of ways very quickly, which is why it is important to keep an eye on them all the


Running with your baby stroller

#6.Bring a small diaper bag

When you are packing for the run, consider that you may need a change of clothes or something to feed

your baby at any time. Fortunately, jogging strollers come with impeccable storage space for packing water

and various other items for the baby.

#7. Wheels and Alignment

Your jogging stroller will come with either a swiveling or front locked wheel. Familiarize yourself with how the

wheels work to be able to troubleshoot any wheel problems that may occur. For instance, all wheels should

make contact with the ground when you put the baby in the stroller. If there is any loose wheel, try and

tighten the fasteners but consider whether you need to replace the wheel altogether if it still feels unsafe.

#8. Look for a comfortable position

Taking the stroller out for a run by itself is the best way to adapt to using it during your exercises.

Eventually, you will find the best arm positioning and develop a rhythm for your run. Fortunately, there are

jogging strollers specifically tailored for trail use versus city use, depending on how you will be using the

stroller more often.

#9. DO NOT Use Headphones

Headphones can impair your ability to hear what is happening in your surroundings, especially when you are

running on the streets. However, there are other safer ways you can listen to your music, like placing your

phone in one of the stroller’s cup holders and playing the music from there.

#10. Use proper equipment

In case you need to use a car seat with your jogging stroller, make sure that the car seat is secured safely

to your stroller. An adaptor bar may come in handy for fitting the car seat onto the stroller, while additional

safety straps will be helpful for locking the car seat into place.